Upgrading Your Social Media Management

Perhaps the most important element of marketing any product in the 21st century is a strong social media strategy. It can be make-or-break for many brands, and is especially important in luxury fashion.

Communicating your brand identity is essential to having consumers understand your product and can drive buzz around it that garners the attention of publications, rating organizations, and others in the industry. This involves intuition about nuances in every aspect, from the lighting of your product to the platform (or lack thereof) you use as a jump board for your message. Here we’ll give our take on the foundations of any strong online campaign, so your branding has the same unique sparkle as your art. Upgrades to any social media strategy:

High-Quality Visuals with Ring Lights

Visuals are dominant in the realm of social media. To make sure product photos and videos shine right, consider investing in ring lights. These lights cast an even, soft glow that reduces shadows and enhances features, making your product look more appealing. They’re an influencer staple since they also accentuate facial features well, and helped coin the ‘Instagram look’. Especially in the beauty and fashion sectors, where detail and color accuracy are pivotal, ring lights can make a significant difference. Make sure to remember your brand image, if you have a softer, more handmade vibe, go for lights with a golden hue and less intensity.

Picking the Right Social Media Management Software

As your brand grows so does the challenge of managing multiple accounts. Management software like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Later, or Buffer becomes invaluable. These platforms will allow you to schedule posts, analyze engagement data, and manage all interactions in one place. A centralized approach saves time and ensures a consistent presence across all platforms. If this is a high-budget option for you, both Instagram and Facebook have built-in insight features when you use a business account. While Facebook has a more built-up digital marketplace, Instagram remains queen as the app for visuals.

Use Content Creation Tools

Content is what you’re actually putting out there, and it is tied to other marketing campaigns you would run on email, websites, or IRL. Already making sure that all marketing content is seamless and avant-garde is an important prerequisite. Afterwards, tools such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Spark provide user-friendly interfaces to create visually appealing graphics, animations, and videos. These tools are great for crafting easily deployable content and you can use a set of graphics for every post – but we would recommend having someone who specializes in graphics for luxury to help you out. Using the right, easily accessible tools to create branded content is a step in the right direction to convey your brand’s story in a more compelling and memorable way.

Going Beyond the Regular Influencer Collaborations

Partnering with influencers can dramatically extend your brand’s reach. Choosing influencers whose audience aligns with your target market and ethos, and reaching out over Email, LinkedIn, or their platform of choice is a great way to boost viewership, particularly on Instagram. But next time you go through this process, try to find a way to collaborate that will be memorable and unique, going beyond a simple story post. Possibly gift them pieces to wear in their pictures or videos, showing how to integrate it normally into their conversations and everyday lives. Natural, organic ways of using product placement are the future of influencer marketing. A partnership can lead to authentic content that resonates with both your existing and potential customers.

Consistency in Brand Voice

Your brand’s voice should be consistent across all social media platforms. This consistency helps build brand recognition and loyalty. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your brand’s personality and ensure that all content aligns with this voice. When transitioning between marketing campaigns, consider adding content that helps ‘bridge’ the aesthetic gap. Fill them in on developments in your business, events coming soon, or interviews/content of your own before pivoting to another collection, so customers stay interested. Consider using Instagram to develop a more abstract representation of your brand image, including creative and/or minimalist posts to communicate your aesthetic and ethos inferentially. This is what large luxury labels such as Hermès, Debeers, and more do. On platforms like your website, X, and Facebook, there is the space to include more information and truly market your jewelry in the traditional sense.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that social media is freeform and becoming an art in its own right. There are many tools and options and the most important thing is creating a social media presence that is unique to your brand and stands out from the crowd. Using more advanced platforms and tools to examine metrics and create more visually appealing designs is the back end of the process, but having a team that is up to date with trends, has creative talent, and can think outside the box is just as important. After all, jewelry is about expression and art.







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