Wilensky Gallery Partners with Ronald Ringsrud and Clayhands

Ronald Ringsrud will keynote the opening for “Magnificent Emeralds: Fura’s Tears,” a historic gathering of exquisite emerald specimens in New York.

There is a universal connection between humans and minerals that sparks adoration, wonder, and mythology. This fall, Wilensky brings a spectacular curation of natural emerald specimens to New York, awakened as sculptures. Evoking a pre-Colombian myth, “Magnificent Emeralds: Fura’s Tears” brings the world’s most important emerald mineral specimens together for the first time. In partnership with Ronald Ringsrud, author of “Emeralds: A Passionate Guide,” Wilensky will donate a portion of all emeralds sold during the duration of the Magnificent Emerald exhibition to Clayhands, in support of local mining communities in Colombia.

Jos Plateau, Plateau State, Nigeria 6.5 cm tall x 1.5 cm wide.
Dr. Eugene & Roz Meieran Collection.

“Magnificent Emeralds: Fura’s Tears,” opens on September 26th, with a reception from 5:00-7:00 PM. Featured that evening, Ronald Ringsrud, will give a keynote about his adventures. After thirty years as an emerald dealer, Ron started Clayhands as a nonprofit to give back to Colombia, the source of many of the finest emeralds in the world. Colombians responded positively to the stated goals of Clayhands, and a Colombian non-profit foundation was created with the same name to carry out its goals. A host and guide for visits to the emerald marketplace in Bogotá since 1986, Ringsrud is considered a world-renowned expert on the Colombian emerald market, with his book being an industry staple.

“When we began the journey towards a major emerald exhibition, I felt we needed to help visitors better understand the world of emeralds. Immediately, only one name came to mind, Ron Ringsrud, author of ‘Emeralds: A Passionate Guide.’ The title of the book says it all –passionate. We are all passionate about our love of minerals, and who better to speak than the world authority, and most passionate person I know on this specific gem. I approached Ron about speaking at our opening event and to my utter delight he instantly said, ‘Yes!’ His only request was that we include his charity, ‘Clayhands, Estructuras de Tierra.’ What better way to honor the emerald, and Ron, than to give a portion of our profits to such a worthy organization. The very same people who mine these most precious of gems, along with their friends and families, are often in need of living assistance. Just as emeralds are a part of the earth, with a deep meaningful connection to the people of Colombia, so is Clayhands. Using the very same earth, volunteers teach people how they can build and maintain homes built of ‘clay’ with their own ‘hands’,” says Stuart Wilensky, President of Wilensky.

Clayhands, a 501(c)3 non-profit, works with rural communities in Colombia to teach, demonstrate, and utilize earth construction techniques. Creating adobe structures, Clayhands actively pursues the preservation and transmission of local culture, supporting marketable skills, self-sufficiency, and employment in the Andes community. A portion of every Magnificent Emeralds sale will be donated to Clayhands to support their mission.

Ronald Ringsrud says, “Although I have mainly sold faceted emeralds these last 30 years, I am proud to say that a number of pieces on display at the Wilensky Gallery are ones that I brought up from Colombia. For me to see them again, and in a larger and most amazing context of other world-class pieces, is a special delight. People buy gemstones for many reasons, but most appreciate them as their connection to the earth. As earth’s immaculate treasures still in their host rock, and as ‘the best of the best,’ I see this event as a once-in-a-lifetime celebration!”

Quartz with Emerald Inclusion,
Muzo Mine, Muzo Municipality, Vasquez-Yacopi Mining Dist., Boyaca Dept., Colombia
7.3 tall x 3.1 wide.
Private Collection.


“Magnificent Emeralds: Fura’s Tears,” offers a breathtaking journey, an experience with the world’s most exquisite emerald specimens. Each emerald on exhibit is considered a masterpiece, likened in significance and composition to the greatest artworks.  Twenty-five will be shown together—a curation first. “The Three Amigos” will be on display, a specimen with three of the finest known emerald crystals ever found, embedded within its original matrix. In addition, a quartz with an emerald inclusion, the only known example of its kind, considered by many experts to be the finest inclusion of all time, will also be shown.  The “LKA” and “Stephenson” emeralds will also be exhibited, the second and fourth largest emerald crystals ever found in North Carolina, respectively.

Exclusively featuring historic emeralds in the contemporary gallery space, “Magnificent Emeralds: Fura’s Tears” will run from September 26th through December 30th 2019, Monday through Saturday, from 11:00 AM-6:00 PM at Wilensky, 173 10th Avenue, New York, NY, 10011. For questions regarding exquisite minerals or sales, contact Wilensky directly at info@wilenskyminerals.com, call 646-822-0837, or visit www.wilenskyminerals.com. For information regarding Clayhands, visit www.clayhands.org.

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