Georgina Jewelry: A Meaningful Mark

Jewelry designer, Georgina Herrera, creates pieces that make a statement. Fusing fashion trends with traditional Mexican culture, Herrera designs jewelry with the modern woman in mind, creating pieces that empower women to shine. Herrera’s heritage taught her that love, art, and tradition are all intertwined, and her fusion of this message is central to her line, Georgina Jewelry.

What has been one of the fondest memories from having grown up in Mexico City?

The long family conversations after dinner, always all together. I loved to sit with my dad and watch TV. I talked and talked with him so much that he could never finish a show, because he cared so much and wanted to give me all of his attention no matter what.

How has your Mexican heritage impacted your designs today? How has it impacted your vision for your business?

Georgina Jewelry and Lola’s Bag are everything about how I am and my background. I always say the connection between love, art and tradition are intractable and determine who we are, meaning we are a piece of art from the moment we are born that is molded with years of traditions (culture, family, religion) with the love and dedication of our families and the people around us.

Tell us a little more about your move to Kansas City and how that adjustment was for you.

In the beginning it was hard – leaving my family, not knowing anyone, and speaking the language. Immediately, I adapted learning and adjusting to the new country, culture, and traditions. It was great. I have met amazing people along the way who have supported me and have become my family.

How do you feel your passion for jewelry came about?

My family worked in the jewelry industry, so I was exposed to it at a young age and developed a passion for it then. Despite that, I never thought I would end up working in the industry. Instead I obtained degrees in psychology and international relations, and spent time working in sales for a denim brand in Mexico before pursuing my passion of jewelry.

How do you choose which fashion trends will be infused into your jewelry designs?

There are many things that affect a collection. Sometimes it is only a feeling that comes across my mind that is then molded in the intention and inspiration that I have in mind. Everything that happens around you – changes in the world, family, culture also impacts my designs. I observe them and let my emotions fly.

The Evolution and Tiempo collections have a lot of meaning. Tiempo marked the changes that occurred in the world at the beginning of the pandemic, and Evolution marked the end.

How does the idea of catering to the “modern woman” influence your business?

I consider myself a modern woman even though I am 56 years old. For me, it is more about the mental and emotional evolution of women – the one that is capable of making decisions, being independent, and standing up for her and other women using her voice in a strong but positive way. This “modern woman” can wear whatever she wants and always feel wonderful. That is the woman that wears Georgina Jewelry, because it is made for her!

Your pieces are for women to find their most confident selves; how do you find your most confident self? What do you hope women feel when wearing your pieces?

A lot of what I said previously applies here. Georgina Jewelry is designed so a woman can wear whatever she wants with pride and feel wonderful. When I need an extra boost of confidence in my day, adding a piece from my collection makes me feel beautiful.

You began your business in 2010. Since then, how has the industry changed, and how has Georgina Jewelry, as a company, changed with it?

OMG! It has been a rollercoaster ride, but so fun! Adapting is the only secret to survive in this industry. From sales in person to online sales to keeping an eye on the changes in the economy and trends, and we can’t forget a global pandemic, there are many factors that affect each decision that is made in the business. If I do not adapt and evolve with the world, the business will not survive.

Your pieces have been featured at both Paris and New York Fashion weeks. Tell us about how that felt for you and what impact it had.

It was such an amazing and rewarding feeling to see my pieces featured at both Paris and New York Fashion weeks. After years of dedication to Georgina Jewelry, it was wonderful to see the ideas in my head come to life on a global stage.

For your upcoming collections, where do you look for design inspiration?

I look at what is going on in the world, what are the emotions we are feeling currently and let my mind wander from there.

In your opinion, how can a great piece of jewelry impact the everyday woman?

It adds that extra sparkle to their look that can give them the confidence boost they need to rule the day.

Who is a woman that has greatly impacted you to be the woman you are today? Has anyone’s style influenced or inspired your pieces?

My mother had a large impact on the woman I am today. She was a very strong, independent woman who was involved in the family, while always working alongside my father, which was very rare at the time. She instilled the belief in me that I could do anything I dreamed of, and that hard work always pays off. She is the main inspiration behind the modern woman.

Hererra will undoubtedly continue doing what she does best: being herself, staying true to family and tradition, and listening to the world and her intuition for inspirations to make her upcoming collections continuously fabulous and powerful. To learn more, visit her website at https://georginajewelry.com and follow her on Instagram @georginajewelryofficial

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