Jewelers Vigilance Committee Appoints Three New Board Members

Brandee Dallow, Steven Holtzman, and Feriel Zerouki join the JVC Board of Directors.

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) welcomes three distinguished members of the trade, Brandee Dallow, Steven Holtzman, and Feriel Zerouki as the newest appointees to the 2023 board of directors. The new directors will join the board and bring it to thirty-four hosted director positions. 

Brandee Dallow is rejoining the JVC board, as she previously served as a Director in 2018-2020 in a previous role. She says, “I am positively elated to join the board of JVC, and support its incredibly strong female staff, whose principles so closely mirror my own values, and whose accomplishments for and on behalf of the North America fine jewelry industry are abundant. In my mind, there is no more important and necessary association in our space today.” An industry veteran of over 20 years, Brandee Dallow joined Grandview Klein Diamonds in January 2023 as the company’s Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer, after spending over a decade at Julius Klein in the past. Dallow is also the founder of sustainability-focused Fine Girl Communications, past North America Regional Membership, Business Development & Engagement Lead for the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and Past President of the Women’s Jewelry Association Foundation and International Board.

Steven Holtzman is Vice Chairman at C.D. Peacock, Chicago’s first jewelry store and official Rolex retailer, as well as the Vice Chairman of Luxury Swiss, which operates a Rolex boutique in Miami. His expertise spans five decades across distribution, manufacturing, and sales; Holtzman founded haute horlogerie Swiss watch brand, Maîtres du Temps, in 2005. Before that, he owned Roger Dubuis North America, the sole distributor of Roger Dubuis watches in the Americas and Canada, which he later sold to Richemont in 2008.  Holtzman also owned the multi-brand watch distribution company Helvetia Time Corp. and was the Vice President of Sales at Gruen Watch Company, one of America’s oldest watch companies, and his family’s business.  He says, “I am honored to have the privilege of joining the board of JVC, a revered name in the jewelry industry, and to be a part of their noble pursuit towards maintaining the utmost ethical and moral values.”

Feriel Zerouki brings an invaluable viewpoint to the JVC board, as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for De Beers Group. She says, “I’m delighted to be joining the JVC board and to have the opportunity to contribute to JVC’s critical agenda of upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity within the industry. The JVC’s respected advocacy on behalf of the US industry and its trusted guidance to members on a wide range of issues has made it highly regarded by all stakeholders. I look forward to collaborating with esteemed industry colleagues as part of the board to help advance this important work.” Previously, Feriel was the SVP of International Relations and Ethical Initiatives for De Beers, and Head of Government and Industry Relations for De Beers, originally beginning at the company as a Supply Chain analyst.

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee is currently working on Green Guides writing. In response to a call for public comments on its page, it is gathering endorsements and feedback, to advocate for the gem, jewelry and watch industries on behalf of new upcoming FTC revisions. JVC is also working with the US government to standardize and present information for the trade regarding Russian diamond sanctions, how they will be implemented, and will share potential advisories for the gold industry as well. The JVC board of directors works closely with JVC in-house staff to ensure trade compliance with the law, promote good business practices, and monitor the market. 

“Each of these new board members brings special expertise and will align moving JVC forward on upcoming projects. The JVC Board is our most valuable asset, and we rely on this extraordinary group to help protect the industry in these complex times,” says Tiffany Stevens, CEO & General Counsel Jewelers Vigilance Committee. Jenny Luker, JVC Board Chair and President, Platinum Guild International says, “As Board Chair of JVC, I welcome with great enthusiasm the newest members of our Board, who represent important industry players and bring a real depth of talent to the table.”

To learn more about the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee (JVC), visit or call 212-997-2002. 

About the Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) is the jewelry industry’s independent legal expert. For more than 100 years, member-supported JVC has helped jewelers build flourishing businesses that operate with the highest levels of integrity, legal, and regulatory compliance. JVC educates and trains jewelry industry members about their rights and responsibilities as business owners, employers, suppliers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, and sellers of jewelry. As the industry’s legal advocate, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee liaises with U.S. and international judicial and regulatory bodies on issues that impact livelihoods, acting as a mediator to settle jewelry-related disputes, without court intervention. JVC is the industry’s trusted resource, committed to safeguarding the reputation, integrity and vitality of the gem, jewelry, and watch trade.


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