ARVINO Launches Molten Collection

Inspired by perseverance, the Molten Collection’s uneven lines and textures celebrate the beauty in embracing hardship.

Adversity is a building block of transformative power and awareness. Thriving despite it, breeds strength and self-confidence—the ultimate accessory. For many, jewels remind them of where they have been. They are the most meaningful talismans. ARVINO’S newly launched Molten Collection is a homage to this journey.

ARVINO Designer, Arvind, says, “We all learn something from perseverance and triumph. Let this collection inspire you and remind you that no matter how bumpy the road gets, you can always rise above it and shine like a star.” 

In his Molten Collection, uneven textures and curves convey this story of passion. Baroque pearls are elegantly combined with 18K gold vermeil on sterling silver, using recycled metals. Pearls symbolize a soul’s journey, as well as harmony and humility. Affordable and luxurious, the Molten Collection is the perfect gift for a loved one who is growing, or as a celebration for one’s warrior self.

The collection features three necklaces, four bracelet styles, two earrings and two rings. The Baroque Pearl Melted Necklace has a captivating design. Known for its irregular shape and organic beauty, the necklace honors the allure of the baroque pearl. To match, or wear solo, the timeless Baroque Pearl Melted Bracelet complements the wrist. A play on words, the collection’s Foil Cuff, hoops and ring are symbolic of times when foiled circumstance turns around. The Molten Nugget Necklace sits boldly across the neck, as nuggets of opportunity, while the Molten Nugget Bracelet offers a more subtle symbol. For an everyday statement, the Duplet Layering Necklace features flattened pearls, layered with chain, perfect from day to night.

A reminder of possibility, the Molten Collection empowers the wearer to purse dreams with courage. Jewelry designed for the determined, each piece is a reminder to face obstacles with strength and to proudly stride.

“The Molten Collection celebrates all, with uneven, unique patterns, cuts, and lines. It radiates elegance and each shape narrates a different story—your story,” says Arvind Agarwal.

To shop the Molten Collection, visit arvino.co. For retail partnerships, contact ARVINO Brand Manager, Julia Lopez, by phone at 305-713-4500 or via email at Julia@arvino.com


ARVINO aims to provide handcrafted luxury jewelry, alongside accessibility. Femininity, strength, sensuality, and sophistication are found across designs. Each jewel is handmade in 18K gold vermeil over sterling silver or brass, using only recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones. ARVINO practices sustainable manufacturing and responsible sourcing, is SEDEX approved, and is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

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