KIL N.Y.C. Relaunches the Classics Collection

Jewelry Designer, Konstantinos Leoussis, brings powerful stories and company roots to the forefront of the Classics Collection.

Jewelry collector and designer, Konstantinos Leoussis, is an avid collector and connoisseur of antique jewelry, specializing in Stuart to Edwardian era works. An avid word traveler and lover of history, Leoussis travels the globe searching for antiques to buy, sell and draw inspiration from. His passion for mythology, and the reinterpretation of timeless motifs have become the blueprint for his Classics Collection, a capsule of bestselling jewelry that rethinks traditional symbols, such as skills, hearts, arrows, swords, and eyes. From embracing “emo” teenage years to honoring powerful women, the Classics Collection by KIL N.Y.C. is created for anyone to wear every day, no matter their identity.

Konstantinos I. Leoussis, Founder and Designer of KIL N.Y.C., says, “The Classics collection is just that – Classics. I wanted to fill out my own jewelry box with a modern take on classic motifs, like the eye and the sword. There have been dozens of different takes on these images, but I didn’t see my perspective in those pieces, so I decided to create my own! I wanted pieces that were bold but easily wearable every day. I’m constantly inspired by the world and people around me, and this collection definitely reflects that – many of the styles are named after people who have helped them come to fruition.”

The Kelly Sword Earrings and Pendant are Classics Collection signatures, memorializing Leoussis’ late friend, Kate Kelly, a social activist who fought for gender equality worldwide. Swords symbolize power and strength, and the Kelly Sword Earrings are no exception. The striking pieces are customizable, from all sterling silver to an 18K gold and diamond inlay, for a look that best represents the wearer’s inner warrior. KIL N.Y.C.’s Kelly Sword Pendant ultimately grants courage to the wearer, alongside its bold look, and is available in two sizes, including a mini pendant. A portion of each Kelly Swords piece is donated to Equity Now, a non-profit organization fighting for gender equality worldwide.

In the tradition of memento mori, KIL N.Y.C. uses the skull throughout the Classics Collection, reminding one of the inevitabilities of death, and the juxtaposed celebration of life. The Ossification Ring, Toi et Mort Ring, and Nehama Pendant all utilize skulls, which have historically symbolized protection as well as the unavoidable nature of mortality. The handmade Ossification Ring is elegant and striking, with diamonds as the eyes of the skull—a nod to gothic fashion. The Toi et Mort Ring is a cheeky play on popular Toi et Moi rings, which showcase two gemstones, symbolizing two lovers, a literal “you and me” in French. The Toi et Mort Ring is a bypass ring displaying two small silver skulls, also reminiscent of “you and me,” but rather in death, than in life. Lastly, the statement Nehama Pendant is named after Sarah Nehama, a close friend of KIL N.Y.C., and a talented goldsmith. A percent of all sales of this pendant will be donated to Friends of Long Beach Animals, in honor of Sarah’s dearly departed cat, Sterling.

Stories of ancient Greek gods and mythology inspire the Classic Collection, as Konstantinos reflects on past civilizations, and their rise and fall, through art and jewelry. The Diamond Selene Ring, with 14K gold and black diamonds, showcases a crescent moon of black diamonds with a white diamond centrally placed as an eye. Selene is the Goddess of the Moon, and the ring symbolizes how the moon affects the earth, with the eye as the centerpiece— a symbol of protection. Next, the Sapphire Helios Ring, featuring 14K gold with sapphires and diamonds, is a celebration of Helios, the Sun God. In the ring, bright sapphires are arranged to shine like the sun, with the diamond eye representing the sun’s effect on earth.

Leoussis designed a variety of dainty stacking rings as part of the Classics Collection as well, including the: Pave Limle Shield Ring, Pave Starbright Ring, and the Pave Witchy Love Ring. The Pave Limle Shield Ring symbolizes protection and safety. It’s simple and comfortable shield design, packed with a stunning choice of gemstones for the pave, protects the wearer from negative energy. The Pave Starbright Ring is inspired by the North Star, showcasing a star filled with ravishing diamonds, leading the wearer towards the right path. Next, the Pave Witchy Love Ring represents a witch’s heart, a symbol of love and protection. It exhibits a playful heart, twisting with glistening rubies that are eye-catching, which pairs beautifully with the other rings, for stacking.

In time for Valentine’s Day and the search for heart motifs, KIL N.Y.C. has two heart pendants within the Classics Collection. The Agape Pendant showcases many of KIL N.Y.C.’s favorite symbols: an evil eye, a witch’s heart and two arrows crossed. These notable symbols of protection, all fused into one, creates a transcendent piece—the ultimate talisman for protection and preservation. The Varlow Pendant blends the three swords tarot card, with a hand carved protective eye in the center, representing both great loss and protection in one piece.

The Classics Collection statement rings are the Amelia Ring and Ursus Ring, two bold pieces in all sterling silver. The Amelia Ring, named after the designer’s close friend, showcases a daring vampire bat, a symbol of longevity, with beautiful detail. The Ursus Ring displays a bold, full centerpiece of an intricately carved grizzly bear, symbolizing strength in silence, the perfect gift for the strong, silent type.

Lastly, KIL N.Y.C. Sadboy Pendants are inspired by Leoussis’ teenage self, who had “emo” days, like many teens. The pendants commemorate the fear of showing emotional vulnerability, out of fear of looking weak or not being ‘cool’ enough. Sadboy Pendants are customizable, from sterling silver to 18K gold, and illustrate a striking eye with three gemstone drops, as the tears beneath it. Celebrating that bad days are normal and that shedding tears heals, Sadboy Pendants commemorates the beauty in everyday pain.

Across collections, KIL N.Y.C. strives to create and package jewelry mindfully and sustainably. The company’s production cycle takes place in NYC, with local labor and the casting is done by a woman-owned business, also located in NYC. Precious metals

and gemstones used are reclaimed and recycled as much as possible, in order to decrease environmental impact. Shipping is carbon negative, using recycled, biodegradable materials.
To contact KIL N.Y.C, email Sales and Operations Director, India Mankes-Falcon, at india@kil-nyc.com, or call/text 718-909-6429. Visit KIL N.Y.C. online at https://kil-nyc.com/. 

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