Fairmined Gold Jewelry by Christina Malle

Malle’s Fairmined gold coil designer ring is part of the 2019 Pure Earth Pure Gold Auction, through April 8th.

Human rights lawyer turned jewelry designer Christina Malle, is no stranger to the conversation on responsible practices. With a passion for humanity and craftsmanship through the ages, Malle is renowned for her timeless 18K gold jewelry styles, many of which are sourced from mine to market, inclusive of gold and gemstones used. Through April 8th 2019, her stunning Fairmined gold coil ring will be available for bid through the Pure Earth Auction site here. Made by hand in solid Fairmined 18K gold, this elegant ring marks the beginning of Fairmined gold in Christina Malle designs.

In 2017, Cameron Russell and Áine Rose Campbell coordinated over thirty model activists in Washington D.C., who participated in the People’s Climate March, beginning the collective that would become known as the Model Mafia. Over 2oo members work to fight pollution today, collaborating on environmentally responsible causes, with a focus on fighting global pollution. The Model Mafia is collaborating on the 4th Annual Pure Earth Pure Gold Responsibly-Sourced Jewelry Collection, in an effort to encourage miners to go mercury-free, and raise funds to help mitigate pollution.

Coil Ring by Christine Malle. Made with 18K Fairmined Gold

Worn by Model, Actress and Harvard graduate, Meisha Brooks, the Christina Malle gold coil ring is exquisitely flattering on all—elongating the fingers, while comfortably and subtly making a statement from a march to a night out, to daytime at the office. “The fashion industry relies on international consumption to exist. The condition of the supply chain is important… Transboundary pollution isn’t simply an industry problem it’s a human problem. We are all affected no matter what country we inhabit and it is the responsibility of those with influential positions to get involved with making positive changes for everyone, says Meisha Brooks. She continues, “What I love about Pure Earth is that they are active leaders in the entire spectrum of addressing world pollution. It’s a human-focused effort with the priority constantly being the well-being of victims… everything is driven by local power. They have local advocates motivate change and this is the most effective method for adoption of new technology. Ultimately, those efforts which do not respect local structures, well-intentioned or not, end up making very little impact. Pure Earth has been able to address and prevent pollution while at the same time helping existing communities thrive.”

Christina Malle Jewelry is proud to announce that it recently became a Fairmined Licensee.  After hearing Roberto Alvarez, a representative of La Fortaleza mining organization in Colombia speak at the Chicago Responsible Gold Conference, Christina was motivated to learn more about Fairmined Gold.  She has been an advocate for traceability and transparency in the jewelry supply chain, and Fairmined provides those assurances. Malle says, “Last fall, I heard a Colombian gold miner speak at a conference in Chicago about how his organization benefits from the Alliance for Responsible Mining support.  In addition, this mining organization is working on mercury mitigation and alternatives to mercury altogether.  The ecosystem surrounding his community, as well as its people, benefits as well.”

“Pure Earth is a tremendous organization: smart people doing innovative work to mitigate pollution worldwide.  They are tackling the problem of mercury, which is quite literally in the hands of artisanal gold miners.  Donating a ring made of Fairmined Gold to Pure Earth’s auction makes perfect sense!  I envision a jewelry supply chain that is transparent, traceable and has a less harmful effect on the environment and miners.  The missions of Pure Earth and Fairmined resonate; and since the coil ring is easy to wear and looks great on every hand, it seemed like the perfect piece to donate,” states Christina Malle.

To view the gold coil ring on the Pure Earth auction through April 8th, click here. To visit Christina Malle online, visit http://www.christinamalle.com, contact the designer directly by email at info@christinamalle.com, or call 917-488-9338.

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