George Robert Minkoff Releases New Audiobook for “The Leaves of Fate”

The Leaves of Fate. A Novel by George Robert Minkoff. Read by Nigel Gore.

The final volume of the trilogy, “In the Land of Whispers” is newly available for digital download today, narrated by Shakespearean actor, Nigel Gore.

As the celebration continues for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown colony, so does the story of Captain John Smith. As his story progresses through the final volume, the reader finds Smith under threat of death by his enemies at Jamestown. Plots of his assassination in the air, he escapes to encounter Henry Hudson on his explorations. The final volume of George Robert Minkoff’s In the Land of Whispers trilogy, “The Leaves of Fate,” now available as an audiobook, comes to life through the dramatic reading of renowned Shakespearean actor, Nigel Gore.

Between 1610 and 1630, the Jamestown settlement in the English colonies begins to take shape. The colonists leave the safe confines of the walled-in town and establish farms nearby, growing the popular cash crop, tobacco. Infringing on the lands held by the local Native Americans causes a series of conflicts between the white settlers and the local tribes. Pocahontas’s marriage to John Rolfe, who physically resembles John Smith, brings peace between the tribes and the English. Smith is isolated in England writing his stories of his Jamestown experiences. His reunion with the dying Pocahontas in London is brief and bittersweet. In the silence of their last parting there is the devastating realization for both of what might have been.

Intermingled with these current events is Smith’s remembrance of his discussions with Jonas Profit, an alchemist and a sailing mate of Sir Francis Drake. Drake’s last encounters with the Spanish and his last attacks on the Spanish colonies are also revealed. All the while, Smith is receiving reports of the growing corruption in Jamestown, and the colonies move inexorably toward becoming a slave economy built around the cultivation of tobacco.

The novels that comprise In the Land of Whispers are the chronicles of the first two generations of the English in the New World. In fact, the trilogy is a chronicle of the rarely discussed relationship of the Elizabethan Age with alchemy. George Minkoff is a very talented writer whose use of English is similar to that of a Shakespearean sonnet. If you value the tone and construction of the English language in sentences that are poetic in nature and add refinement to the ordinary novel, you will enjoy and savor this book. Minkoff says of the audiobook, “Nigel Gore’s reading brings an immediacy and drama to the language that underlines the epic quality of this so American work.”

For the first time, “The Leaves of Fate” is available for purchase as an audiobook, as well as the full “In the Land of Whispers” trilogy.  For information regarding George Robert Minkoff, visit  

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