Using a Cliffhanger in your Emails

Make your email intriguing. Using a cliffhanger in the subject line of your message can make it more clickable. A traditional subject line allows your email to fall into the trash pile of any email list. However, using a cliffhanger can add just the right amount of mystery to your email to have recipients click out of curiosity. A cliffhanger subject line can be the bait you need to hook the fish.

Using Better CTAs

Having an effective Call to Action in your email is essential to sending out great campaigns. The secret is to use something other than the generic “click here” or “shop now.” Great questions to ask yourself when creating CTA’s are:

-What are the user goals?

-How do I create something clickable and interesting?

-What is this CTA inviting someone to do?

-How descriptive is it?

-Is it easy to miss in this email? Are eyes drawn to this?


Focus on Engagement

Rather than focusing on selling more, a better idea is to focus on how engaged your audience is with you. What is the consumer business relationship looking like for you? Remember, your email subscribers are not just there for what you can offer them, they are want to know more about you as a business. Good engagement on email campaigns drive the best returns in the long run!


Better Content

When cultivating the content within the email. One of the most important things is that the message is not too long. Ensure that it is something that conveys the message clearly, but is also a quick read, or may just even take a quick look. At the same time make sure it gets people thinking about you, let your email engrain the business into readers minds. Lastly, make it something people want to hear, not necessarily something you want to say.

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