Using Canva for Your Business 101

Canva is an easy and affordable online design platform. It is commonly used by small businesses, as they offer a variety of templates that can be accessed and downloaded in seconds.

Canva is mostly used to design social media posts, flyers, presentations, and logos. The program gives you access to thousands of templates. It is pretty much up to your imagination, you can design just about anything for your business!

Canva provides two options, free and pro. Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month or you can subscribe for $119.40 a year.

How To Create A Free Canva Account
Go to and create a free account. You can sign up with your Google account, use your Facebook account, or you can sign up with your email address. Once you create a free account, you will have access to over 8,000 free templates, including social media post templates and templates for presentations.  You will also get access to a stock photo library with hundreds of thousands of photos.

A free account gives you access to image editor and to a limited selection of templates, photos and graphic elements. Although Canva Pro is not necessary, it is highly recommended as it is affordable and opens the doors to even more templates.

Ways to Use Canva for Small Businesses

Free Stock Photos
In addition to thousands of free shapes, icons, and fonts, you will find Canva has many photos to choose from, right in your canvas/editing dashboard.

Your Logo
Canva requires no proficiency in design, and with their wide variety of photos, stickers, shapes, and fonts, you can use your creativity to come up with the perfect logo for your business.

Business Cards
On Canva, you can design a business card for your brand. You do not need to be familiar with Photoshop, or be a designer, as the platform is extremely easy to manage.

Graphics for Social Media
With Canva you can create designs for your social media, and maintain a consistent aesthetic for your posts. One of the best features of Canva is how easy it is to duplicate and edit your graphics. That means you can easily replicate graphics with new content.

Cultivating a consistent look through template choice, color, and font helps you build better brand awareness and stand out. Canva helps you stay consistent because you can copy pages and designs.

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